From passion to profession

My path to chocolate was not always direct. But behind my smile and my insatiable enthusiasm for happiness hides a story that is a little less ordinary. As the first Mister Bear Belgium, twelve years ago, I am proud of my identity and I do not hesitate to express it through my creations, my work ethic and my commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community.

In my childhood, I remember always being drawn to desserts, but it was chocolate that really captivated me.

As an adult, my long-dormant passion came back to life. Suddenly, it seemed undeniable. I knew I had to listen to that inner voice and unleash my creativity.

This is how
La Pâte de l'Ours
was born.

Our values

At La Pâte de l'Ours, we celebrate Belgian chocolate in all its splendor, while committing to a more sustainable future. Our chocolates are made with 100% cocoa butter and 100% Belgian ingredients, guaranteeing exceptional quality and authentic flavor.

An organic and sustainable commitment

We are proud to offer organic chocolates (as much as possible) certified CACAO-TRACE™ from Puratos™, ensuring sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Eco-responsible packaging and labels

Our cookie packaging is made of glassine, a material from renewable sources, they do not contain any plastic, and they maintain the freshness of our products.

Our labels come from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

We divert and reuse used packaging materials.

Our labels are ink-free .

For other food packaging , we respect FASFC standards and work with top-tier European suppliers.


We are proud to affirm our commitment to the LGBTQIA+ movement within La Pâte de l'Ours.

By actively supporting diversity and inclusion, we create a welcoming space for all, regardless of their sexual orientations and gender identities.

We celebrate pride and diversity through our products and actions, our workshops and we are committed to supporting the rights and equality of the LGBTQIA+ community in all our initiatives.

Made in Brüxsel

We are proud to offer 100% artisanal creations at La Pâte de l'Ours.

We favor seasonal tastes and value the return to simple and authentic flavors to offer you a unique taste experience.

We continue to support local businesses by collaborating with them and purchasing most of our ingredients from local partners.

Of course, we strive to be as visible as possible to our community, but also during city events such as Christmas markets or other private celebrations and corporate events.